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Black Willow Trilogy Red -
A dry red wine blend. Elegant with light tannins, this wine has a rich berry character that melds into a symphony of flavors.

WORLD WINE CHAMPIONSHIPS AWARD: Gold Medal RATING: 90 points (Exceptional)
2014 Grand Harvest Awards - Silver






Black Willow Trilogy White -
A delicate blend of white wines with soft floral notes and a nice clean finish.







Bare Cat Blush -
A semi-sweet blush wine with floral aromas. Light and pleasantly sweet, this wine is refreshing to the pallete. Pair this wine with mild cheeses, pork, seafood and Asian dishes.






Chardonnay -
Our Chardonnay is lightly oaked with delicate vanilla and Asian pear flavors. A well rounded wine with subtle fruit on the nose.


2014 WORLD WINE CHAMPIONSHIPS AWARD: Silver Medal RATING: 86 points (Highly Recommended)







riesling semi-dryRiesling - Semi-Dry
Aromas of honeycrisp apple and melon with soft fruit and well balanced acidity on the pallet. Pairs well with nutty cheese, poultry, white fish and Northern Italian dishes.

2014 Grand Harvest Awards - Silver






riesling semi-dryClassic Diamond
Classic Diamond is a sweet, fragrant and fruity white wine with an intense grape flavor. Pairs well with cheese, desserts, Asian, Thai and Indian cuisine. Serve chilled.






Cabernet Franc -
A dry red wine with a lovely bouquet of black cherry and hints of smoke. Flavors of vanilla and candy apple with soft pepper.






Black Widow Berry -
A well balanced sweet red wine with natural blackberry flavor added. Delicate yet bold. One may say it's killer good! 82pts
2014 Grand Harvest Awards - Gold







flight 6.1.37 port

Flight 6.1.37 -
Aromas of coconut and chocolate with hints of fig. Smooth rich flavors of caramelized fruit with a hint of spice that meld together for a soft, lingering finish. This fine dessert sipping wine is dedicated to our father, who has been a special part of our life. Flight 6.1.37 is his birth date.







flight 6.1.37 port

De Peche Meow -
A sweet peach wine with fresh picked peach and floral aromas. Sumptuous fruit flavor and a smooth refreshing finish. Serve with grilled peaches topped with crumbly blue cheese, shaved fennel and watercress salad, fish, chicken, or pork. On the label is one of our adorable winery cats, Gizmo.

WORLD WINE CHAMPIONSHIPS AWARD: Silver Medal RATING: 85 points (Highly Recommended)
2014 Grand Harvest Awards - Gold